Referral Program

Earn money with us, tell your friends about our services


Standard Commission
  • - Available to every member.
  • - Active deposits is not needed.


Representatives Commission
  • - Advanced earning option.
  • - Active deposits is not needed.
Every Bitsza-Trading user benefits from our base Affiliate Program. We offer two highly rewarding Affiliate program levels to benefit every Bitsza-Trading user. Here’s how they work and bring you limitless returns on your referral contribution. If your referrals contributes 100 BTC, you will immediately receive 2 BTC free and 5 BTC in case of representative. It couldn't be simpler.

How to join representatives?

Founded to expand our global network and offer additional income opportunities.

The Representatives program is designed for those investors interested in more advanced promotion. You can earn a 10% commission through this affiliate program, but you must be able to promote our services through personal blogs, videos, offline seminars, meetings, and any other promotional means, as long as the method is law-abiding. If you’re interested in taking on this challenge, please email: [email protected]. Please include the following pieces of information: full name, country of residence, username, past promotional experience.